Physician Quality Improvement Initiative (PQII)

The CAHO Physician Quality Improvement Initiative (PQII) is a physician-led, collaborative program at CAHO member hospitals. Developed by the Chief Medical Leaders of CAHO hospitals, PQII is based on the premise that providing feedback to physicians on their performance, and tools to support their professional development, can be useful in improving the quality of care provided by an individual practitioner and, at the organizational level, where best practices can be shared and consistency facilitated across all hospitals.

An essential component of PQII is the implementation of the Physician Achievement Review (PAR). The PAR enhances physician self-awareness through meaningful feedback in relation to quality of patient care through the use of 360-degree surveys. This provides opportunities for selfreview and active development of a plan with the support of physician leaders, and for analyzing evidence of progress against agreed upon goals.

In Spring of 2012, the CAHO PQII began its implementation in a phased approach. The first phase included select departments at the University Health Network, Hamilton Health Sciences and North York General, and allowed for refinement of the process through collaboration and shared learning of staff. An evaluation of the first phase will inform the process for rolling out the project in the upcoming months to the remaining 16 participating hospitals.