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On April 3, 2017, the Honourable Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced that our Executive Director, Karen Michell, has been named as an Innovation Broker, working with the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO). CAHO is honoured by this appointment with the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist and looks forward to pulling innovation into Ontario’s health system, making our province healthier, wealthier and smarter.

CAHO represents Ontario’s 23 research hospitals, which are a significant entryway into the health care system, covering the full spectrum of health services. As a partner to the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist, CAHO and Karen will connect innovators and remove barriers so that innovations are brought into our hospitals and the system faster, benefiting the Ontario economy and improving patient care.

In close partnership with one of the three Innovation Brokers, CAHO’s work will focus on matching the needs and priorities of Ontario research hospitals with the innovative solutions underway in Ontario.

Stay tuned for further details and communications about CAHO’s role as an Innovation Broker.