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Calling All Innovators: CAHO’s Role as an Innovation Broker

The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) has been appointed as an Innovation Broker for the Province of Ontario by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

As a partner to the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist, CAHO and its members are connecting innovators and removing barriers so that innovations are brought into our hospitals and the health care system faster, benefiting the Ontario economy and improving patient care.

CAHO represents Ontario’s 23 research hospitals, which are a significant entryway for pulling new innovations into the health care system, covering the full spectrum of health services.

CAHO’s Innovation Broker Work

  • Brokering connections between innovators and Ontario research hospitals to find real-life validation test sites
  • Brokering connections with hospitals that are ready to adopt specific innovations, and working with those hospitals to develop implementation plans to enhance the efficient adoption of the innovation
  • Building capacity for innovation adoption by creating standard procedures among CAHO hospitals that enable clarity, transparency and timeliness for innovators

CAHO’s Innovation Broker work is supported by a multi-disciplinary task force of executive level representatives from across CAHO hospitals. This group has developed a list of critical problems requiring innovative solutions, which serve to provide market intelligence for innovators to better align proposed innovations with the needs of the health system. Innovations that fall outside of CAHO’s problem statements will still be considered for brokerage.

Value for Innovators:

  • Streamlined and simultaneous access to all 23 CAHO Hospitals, including clinical champions, knowledge and expertise
  • Faster access to test sites to validate innovations and, in time, accelerate their adoption into some of the most advanced hospitals in the province
  • Establish innovation-focused partnerships with CAHO hospitals

Value for Ontario’s health care system

  • Improve health outcomes for patients through new technologies
  • Strengthen partnerships with innovators and industry, and encourage investment in Ontario
  • Build capacity and cost efficiency within the system
  • Facilitate a culture of innovation adoption

Busting Ontario Broader Public Sector procurement myths

Reference Guide – The Art of the Possible: A Quick Reference Guide to Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Myths

This quick reference guide offers straightforward explanations and supporting resources to help hospital executives and individuals with intermediate to advanced knowledge of procurement address the most common myths associated with Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive.

Webcast – The Art of the Possible: Debunking Common Procurement Myths in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector

Stemming from CAHO’s reference guide, The Art of the Possible: Debunking Common Procurement Myths in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector webcast examines well-known barriers to innovation adoption in Ontario and strategies to address them. Watch the webcast here.

Calling all innovators

Do you have an innovation that will help improve care and increase efficiency in Ontario’s health system? We encourage you to submit a request for a validation test site. Download our Innovator Guide and Request for Validation template here:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email or call 416-205-1366.

All requests for validation test sites should be submitted to

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