Patient Oriented Discharge Summary

New tool helps patients better manage transition from hospital to home.

Patient Oriented Discharge Summary PODS OpenLab ARTICWhen to take your medication. What symptoms to be concerned about. When to see your doctor next. Being discharged from hospital can be stressful.

The Patient Oriented Discharge Summary (PODS) alleviates some of that stress for patients and their caregivers. It is an innovative and proven tool to help patients and families know how to manage at home once discharged from hospital.

Co-developed by patients and health care providers, PODS applies best practices in design and adult learning. It provides patients with easy-to-understand instructions upon discharge that also facilitate a tailored and clear discussion between health care providers and patients on what the patient needs to know and do once they return home.

PODS was designed by a team at University Health Network’s OpenLab, with the leadership of Tai Huynh and Shoshana Hahn-Golderberg. OpenLab is a design and innovation group dedicated to finding creative health care solutions.

With support from ARTIC, PODS is being adopted by 27 hospitals across Ontario and is expected to benefit more than 50,000 patients in the first year of implementation.


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