Musculoskeletal Rapid Access Clinics

Transforming care for people with musculoskeletal conditions

One in three adults live with musculoskeletal conditions – health conditions affecting muscles, bones or joints. Caring for these patients is a challenging part of everyday practice for Ontario’s primary care providers.

Often, patients wait months for an MRI or to see a surgical specialist – sometimes even when these are not the best options for them. Evidence also shows that prolonged wait times for musculoskeletal treatment is a major contributor to opioid addiction.

To help people with musculoskeletal conditions including hip, knee and lower back pain access the right treatment faster, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is expanding Rapid Access Clinics across the province. These clinics are designed to reduce unnecessary medical procedures and improve wait times and care for patients.

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How ARTIC is supporting musculoskeletal care in Ontario

ARTIC is working with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to support the implementation of the Rapid Access Clinic initiative for musculoskeletal conditions across Ontario.

ARTIC is working with clinical leads across the province, regional Project Implementation Teams, and Local Health Integration Networks to support this initiative using the proven ARTIC model.

Grounded in implementation science, ARTIC breaks down the barriers that commonly prevent uptake using a model that is based on five enablers: strategic selection of interventions that have the potential for high impact; education and training; guidance and facilitating; executive championship and a clear governance structure; and evaluation.

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