ARTIC (Adopting Research to Improve Care) is a proven model that accelerates the spread and implementation evidence-based health care interventions into broader clinical practice across Ontario’s health system.


Too often research evidence is successfully implemented in one organization but never spread further. Effective evidence implementation and change management requires large investments of time, resources and knowledge.

Grounded in implementation science, ARTIC’s proven model of supporting and accelerating the use of evidence-based care means we’re able to implement change a lot faster – within 2 years, instead of 17 — ensuring that patients across Ontario receive the highest quality care.

How does ARTIC work?

ARTIC breaks down the barriers that commonly prevent uptake using a unique model that is based on five enablers:

Call for proposals now open

Every year, the ARTIC Program issues a call for proposals for projects that will spread high-impact clinical interventions or practice changes that proven to work and are ready for spread. After completing a comprehensive review process, a project(s) is selected for spread across Ontario’s health system. Do you have proven research evidence that has already been implemented and is now ready for spread? Visit our 2018 Call for Proposals page.

Current ARTIC Projects


The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) originally developed the ARTIC Program in 2010 to accelerate the adoption of research evidence within hospital settings. In 2014, CAHO and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) formed a partnership to transition ARTIC into a provincial resource to support the rapid implementation of evidence-based interventions across the range of health care delivery organizations in Ontario.

Five years after its creation, ARTIC was validated as a proven model for accelerating and supporting the sustainable and wide-spread implementation of research evidence. Read about CAHO’s evaluation of the ARTIC program.

In 2014, we celebrated our ARTIC partnership with Health Quality Ontario. Read about that event.