A Message From the Chair

Ontario Has the Choice to Make Positive Decisions

The Ontario fall economic statement made it clear that the government is committed to balancing the budget by 2017-2018. The annual Auditor General’s Report (December 2014) highlighted the fiscal challenge before Ontario. No doubt the Ontario government will have some difficult choices in the coming months leading up to the 2015 Budget.... Read more >

Researchers Find Important Cellular Clue that Could Lead to Preventive Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes

CHEO researchers discover a mechanism that keeps blood sugar levels low in people with pre-diabetes and obesity. This important finding could lead to treatments that prevent Type 2 diabetes – good for patients in an era where diabetes rates are spiking; good for the health care system as it could translate into massive savings. ... Read more >

Attention Ontario’s Health Sector: The ARTIC Program is Seeking Proposals

The ARTIC Program is seeking proposals with the objective of spreading research evidence that has been proven and tested in at least one site and is ready to be applied across multiple organizations and/or sectors within Ontario. I’d like to add my voice, to spread the word and encourage people in our community to submit proposals. ... Read more >

On the Importance of Political and Legislative Champions

In less than two weeks, the Ontario Legislature will re-open. I’d like to take this opportunity to start a new dialogue with newly elected and returning members of the Legislature to underscore the importance of champions for health research in Ontario.... Read more >

Patient Tina Ceroni Tells the CAHO Catalyst How a Stem Cell Transplant Saved Her Life

Struck by a rare autoimmune disease characterized by life-threatening muscle stiffness and spasms, Toronto’s Tina Ceroni underwent a stem cell transplant at The Ottawa Hospital that chased the disease into remission. She tells her story to the CAHO Catalyst.... Read more >

Reflections on My First Year as CAHO Chair

This is a pivotal point in time: We are on the eve of the provincial general election and, as my first year as CAHO Chair folds into the remaining year, I’d like to reflect on the remarkable progress and achievements that we’ve realized this year, at the same time as reemphasize a call to action for a strengthened and sustainable health research enterprise. We’ve accomplished a great deal, but there’s more to do. ... Read more >

Dr. Wendy Levinson, Chair, Choosing Wisely Canada, Talks with the CAHO Catalyst

The Chair of Choosing Wisely Canada, Dr. Wendy Levinson, sits down with the CAHO Catalyst to discuss this new national initiative, launched on April 2 and designed to facilitate safe and effective decisions surrounding high-quality health care. She also tackles some common misperceptions.... Read more >

Drug Derived from Toxic Venom May Prevent Blood Clots, According to New Research from St. Michael’s

Researchers at St. Michael’s are working on a clot-busting drug from an unlikely source—venom from one of the world’s most poisonous snakes—that could be used preemptively for strokes and heart attacks. Sidestepping these major medical events could save patients' lives and health care dollars.... Read more >

OHA’s Marcia Visser Talks Candidly with the Catalyst: How CAHO’s MOVE ON ARTIC Project Improved her Mother’s Quality of Life

OHA Board Chair Marcia Visser speaks with the Catalyst about a CAHO initiative that changed her life: The MOVE ON ARTIC Project helped her elderly mother transfer from a nursing home to assisted living—a striking reversal of the norm, a gold star for the project, and a personal success story. ... Read more >

Not Your Ordinary Inkjet: Researchers Develop Printers to Make Artificial Skin and Bone

Researchers at two CAHO hospitals use 3D printing to generate skin and bone replicates for severe burns and joint replacement, respectively. This new technology, still years away from large-scale use, could improve the patient’s quality of life, reduce lengths of stay and save health care dollars. ... Read more >