Open Dialogue

Dr. Wendy Levinson, Chair, Choosing Wisely Canada, Talks with the CAHO Catalyst | April, 2014

The Chair of Choosing Wisely Canada, Dr. Wendy Levinson, sits down with the CAHO Catalyst to discuss this new national initiative, launched on April 2 and designed to facilitate safe and effective decisions surrounding high-quality health care. She also tackles some common misperceptions.... Read more >

OHA’s Marcia Visser Talks Candidly with the Catalyst: How CAHO’s MOVE ON ARTIC Project Improved her Mother’s Quality of Life | February, 2014

OHA Board Chair Marcia Visser speaks with the Catalyst about a CAHO initiative that changed her life: The MOVE ON ARTIC Project helped her elderly mother transfer from a nursing home to assisted living—a striking reversal of the norm, a gold star for the project, and a personal success story. ... Read more >

Dr. Joshua Tepper, HQO President and CEO, Speaks with the CAHO Catalyst | January, 2014

Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO of Health Quality Ontario (HQO), chats with the CAHO Catalyst about his vision for HQO; how this independent organization will make its mark on the province; and partnerships in the tireless drive for quality.... Read more >
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