Open Dialogue

Using Research Evidence to Improve Community Mental Health and Addiction Services in Ontario: our best kept secret | April, 2016

Health system research is a vital component to ensuring effective, sustainable healthcare for Ontarians. With a deep understanding of mental health care in Ontario, and a commitment to improving its delivery and efficacy, Steve Lurie, the Executive Director of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, highlights the value of investing in health […]... Read more >

The Power of Open Dialogue: A Conversation with Colleen Young | January, 2016

Back in October 2015, Colleen Young announced she’d be stepping away from one of Canada’s largest and most loved health care social media communities on Twitter: #hcsmca. After five years of innovative dialogue, debate and discussion, Colleen has learned a lot about Canada’s health enterprise. Before moving on to help build online communities for the […]... Read more >

The Importance of Clinical Trials: A Conversation with Patient Gretta Hutton | September, 2015

In the spring of 2014, Gretta Hutton received a call from a physician while in a Home Depot parking lot. She was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and given 2 – 5 years to live. After weeks of feeling hopeless, both her sister and a friend told Gretta about a clinical trial at Hamilton Health […]... Read more >

Patient-Engaged Research: A Conversation with Crystal Chin | May, 2015

As a former patient and current Patient Advisor with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Crystal Chin collaborates with Ontario’s health care leaders to ensure that the patient voice is part of the conversation. Crystal has a deep understanding of the importance of patient engagement in research—and she sat down with Catalyst to share her insights. […]... Read more >

A Patient’s Story: How Immunotherapy Fought Stage 4 Skin Cancer, and Won | March, 2015

Air Force Captain Trent Krajaefski received a devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 melanoma after an episode of sudden near blindness. He turned to the Princess Margaret’s Dr. David Hogg, who led a clinical trial to test a new treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Today, the tumours have been reduced by 80%. Krajaefski tells his remarkable story to the Catalyst.... Read more >

The Transitional Discharge Model: People-Centred, Peer-Supported Project Impactful for Both System and Clients | February, 2015

Lawson launched the TDM project, which builds a bridge from hospital to community for people diagnosed with a mental illness, in 2013. Less than two years later, its impact on the system is measurable ‒ a 9.8-day reduction in hospital stays ‒ while the impact on clients is immeasurable.... Read more >

Seeing the Light: A Patient’s Story of Regaining Sight through a New ‘Bionic Eye’ | January, 2015

Orly Shamir speaks to the Catalyst about last spring’s life-changing surgery, undertaken at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, in which a retinal implant in her left eye partially restored her sight after a decade of advancing blindness. She is the first patient in Canada to receive this new ‘bionic eye.’... Read more >

“Like Night and Day:” A Patient’s Story of Regaining Pain-Free Mobility through Lower-Leg Angioplasty | November, 2014

Sixty-four-year-old diabetic Charles Hykawy underwent a new angioplasty procedure to his lower legs at Sunnybrook. He tells the CAHO Catalyst how this day surgery stopped the crippling pain, restored circulation to his legs and improved his quality of life. "The quality of care at Sunnybrook was great," he says.... Read more >

Patient Tina Ceroni Tells the CAHO Catalyst How a Stem Cell Transplant Saved Her Life | October, 2014

Struck by a rare autoimmune disease characterized by life-threatening muscle stiffness and spasms, Toronto’s Tina Ceroni underwent a stem cell transplant at The Ottawa Hospital that chased the disease into remission. She tells her story to the CAHO Catalyst.... Read more >

Location, Location, Location: CTO President and CEO, Susan Marlin, Talks with Catalyst about Making Ontario a Leading Destination for Clinical Trials | September, 2014

In two short years, Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) has laid the foundations for this province to be a preferred location for global clinical trials. Susan Marlin, President and CEO, talks with the CAHO Catalyst about this process; how to attract investment; and what’s next for this purposeful and highly collaborative organization. ... Read more >