From the Lab to the Real World

The Case for Evidence-Based Policy: Looking at the Impact of the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network | May, 2016

In 2008, researchers Tara Gomes and Dr. Muhammad Mamdani from St. Michael’s Hospital and Dr. David Juurlink from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre collaborated with researchers from across Ontario, establishing a research network that could rapidly respond to the policy needs of the Ontario Public Drug Programs. With support from the Health System Research Fund, the […]... Read more >

Improving Pneumonia Treatment for Children Could Save System $15,000 Annually | January, 2016

Dr. Jeffrey Pernica and colleagues at Hamilton Health Sciences, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Slinger at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), developed a novel molecular technique that identifies the bacterial cause of complicated pneumonia, increasing treatment efficiency and potentially saving Ontario over $15,000 in annual drug costs. ... Read more >

Innovative Technology by MolecuLight Inc. Poised to Revolutionize Chronic Wound Care | September, 2015

Ontario healthcare innovator, MolecuLight Inc., is developing a hand-held optical imaging technology designed to visualize bacteria in real-time at the point-of-care. Founded by Dr. Ralph DaCosta, Scientist at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Techna Institutute in partnership with University Health Network, MolecuLight’s device is revolutionizing wound care and strengthening Ontario’s role as a global […]... Read more >

Treatment Using Body’s Own Immune System Shows Promise in Hard-To-Treat Cancer | March, 2015

A clinician-scientist at the Princess Margaret has applied immunotherapy, which leverages the body’s own immune system, to an advanced case of melanoma, and turned a bleak prognosis on its head for an Air Force Captain.... Read more >

New Tool Measures Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Could Lead to New Treatments | February, 2015

Researchers at Holland Bloorview have developed a new and wearable device that detects states of anxiety in children with ASD, and helps these kids manage their symptoms. The Anxiety Meter is an app that connects to sensors on the chest. New treatments may evolve from this innovative tool that’s on the eve of commercialization. ... Read more >

‘Bionic Eye’ a Canadian First: Successful Implant of Prosthetic Eye | January, 2015

A surgical team at UHN has, for the first time in Canada, successfully implanted a prosthetic eye that restores the vision of patients with degenerative eye diseases leading to blindness. With rehabilitation, the ‘bionic eye’ may cure blindness in these patients. Read about Dr. Robert Devenyi and his team at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre. ... Read more >

Literal Breakthrough: Angioplasty Restores Circulation in Legs of Patients with Diabetes, Spares Amputation | November, 2014

A surgeon at Sunnybrook, Dr. Papia, has applied angioplasty to restore blood flow in the legs of patients with advanced diabetes. This saves patients from amputation, and possible death, and saves health care dollars. “If the bar is palliating the pain, healing the ulcer and giving patients a better quality of life, then what we’re doing is fantastic!” Papia says.... Read more >

An Ounce of Prevention: St. Michael’s Takes Page from Aviation, Develops ‘OR Black Box’ to Record Surgical Errors | October, 2014

St. Michael’s develops a ‘black box’ to illuminate human error in the OR in a positive way ‒ that is, without pointing the finger; to prevent future errors; to improve patient safety and outcomes, possibly saving lives; and to preemptively save health care dollars.... Read more >

Canadian ‘First’ at UHN: Hand Transplant in Foreseeable Future | September, 2014

Reconstructive surgeons at UHN are poised to undertake the first hand transplant in Canada; they’re looking for an ideal candidate. This procedure, led by Dr. Steven McCabe, is seen as the beginning of an exciting new world of possibilities for patients with debilitating and disfiguring injuries. ... Read more >

Major Score for Public Health: The Ottawa Hospital Develops App for Keeping Track of Vaccinations | May, 2014

A new app, ImmunizeCA, developed at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute for the Canadian Public Health Association and funded by the Government of Canada, keeps track of immunizations. It will improve the health of Canadians, give parents across the nation some peace of mind and preemptively reduce health care costs.... Read more >