CAHO is calling all innovators as Innovation Broker for Ontario

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Calling all Innovators | June, 2018
As a partner to the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist, CAHO and its members are connecting innovators and removing barriers so that innovations are brought into our hospitals and the health care system faster, benefiting the Ontario economy and improving patient care. Do you have an innovation that will help improve care and […] Read more >
Dr. Larry Robinson

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Sunnybrook researchers find early physical medicine and rehabilitation consults benefit critically injured patients | July, 2019
Sunnybrook’s Dr. Larry Robinson has shown that among people with traumatic injuries or burns, early consultation with a physiatrist is associated with a shorter hospital stay. Read more Read more >

What Really Matters

Bringing Evidence to Care: How the Pediatric Rehabilitation Sector is Adopting Evidence-Based Best Practices | May, 2016
Ontario is home to global leaders in childhood disability research who are doing foundational work in areas including cerebral palsy, autism, and concussion care. The Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services (OACRS) hopes to leverage this world-class resource by bringing together researchers, clinicians, patients and families to facilitate the dissemination and adoption of top research […] Read more >

From the Lab to the Real World

The Case for Evidence-Based Policy: Looking at the Impact of the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network | May, 2016
In 2008, researchers Tara Gomes and Dr. Muhammad Mamdani from St. Michael’s Hospital and Dr. David Juurlink from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre collaborated with researchers from across Ontario, establishing a research network that could rapidly respond to the policy needs of the Ontario Public Drug Programs. With support from the Health System Research Fund, the […] Read more >

Success Story

Advancing Senior Friendly Hospital Care in Ontario | May, 2016
Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital have spearheaded a knowledge translation project to move evidence-based care into hospitals across Ontario, establishing lasting improvements for seniors care. With support from the Health System Research Fund, 87 hospitals are participating in the Senior Friendly Hospitals ACTION program. The program is increasing capacity to […] Read more >

Open Dialogue

Using Research Evidence to Improve Community Mental Health and Addiction Services in Ontario: our best kept secret | April, 2016
Health system research is a vital component to ensuring effective, sustainable healthcare for Ontarians. With a deep understanding of mental health care in Ontario, and a commitment to improving its delivery and efficacy, Steve Lurie, the Executive Director of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, highlights the value of investing in health […] Read more >