Ontario Budget 2015

CAHO’s Input to Ontario Budget 2015

CAHO Provides Recommendations to Minister of Finance

TORONTO, February 4, 2015 – The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) presented its pre-Budget submission today to the Minister of Finance, Hon. Charles Sousa.

Karen Michell, Executive Director of CAHO said, “Ontario has demonstrated a commitment to building our province’s innovation capacity and making bold investments in our future, such as Budget 2014’s three-year, $250 million commitment to the Ontario Research Fund. But we have more to do. Stability of investment in health research is necessary for discovering new cares, cures and treatments; and leveraging these discoveries to improve quality of care at less cost. Currently, the investment framework for health research in Ontario is unsustainable. Ontario’s research hospitals are increasingly required to contribute more to the costs of research while recouping less of the costs. In any business, this is not a sustainable model.”

Michell added, “Ontario needs a long-term health research strategy. This strategy would harness the assets of research to address health care system priorities; and invest in Ontario’s health research enterprise over the long-term, with certainty and predictability. It would and streamline the path for research and innovation to practice across the health care system, and into new markets.

Pending an Ontario Health Research Strategy, CAHO recommends the following for Budget 2015:

  • Continue to drive discovery in the province by maintaining Budget 2014’s commitment to reinvest $250 million in the Ontario Research Fund (ORF).
  • An investment of $3 million per year from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to flow to our partners at Health Quality Ontario to sustain the Adopting Research to Improve Care (ARTIC) Program.
  • Ontario’s research hospitals are a system-wide resource for research, innovation in learning, and providing specialized care – align health care funding reform with theses roles and accountabilities.

CAHO initiated the Adopting Research to Improve Care (ARTIC) Program in 2010 to put in place a model for implementing research evidence. Between 2010 and 2015, ARTIC supported the implementation of six research discoveries across 82 hospital units, involving 166+ change champions who led quality improvements.

The ARTIC Program’s model of supporting and accelerating the use of research evidence means we’re able to do so a lot faster – within two years, instead of 17. A generation is clearly too long for us to use what we’ve learned. As a result of this success, CAHO and Health Quality Ontario have entered into a partnership to deliver ARTIC across Ontario and across the health care sectors beyond hospitals. For more background on the ARTIC Program, click here. 

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About CAHO

The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario is the non-profit association of Ontario’s 24 research hospitals and their research institutes. CAHO provides a focal point for strategic initiatives on behalf of our member hospitals. As research intensive hospitals, CAHO members are fully affiliated with a university medical or health sciences faculty. Our hospitals provide the most complex and urgent care, teach the next generation of health care providers and foster health care innovation derived from discovery research. For more information, visit caho-hospitals.com


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