Ontario Budget 2013

Ontario’s 24 research hospitals are recognized as international leaders in health care research and innovation.  However, Ontario’s position as an international leader is precarious.  Stable provincial investment is required to leverage the total investment required from federal and private investors, maintain the pace of innovation and produce results that are dramatically improving care, reducing costs and positioning Ontario as a leader in the global market for health innovation.  We believe there is an alternative and more positive path focused on retaining and building on the innovation leadership that is in place. CAHO recommends that the Ontario government:

1) Continue to invest in Ontario Research Fund partnerships in publicly-funded research institutes, including Ontario’s research hospitals.

2) Define and implement a health research and innovation strategy that includes a predictable and sustainable investment framework to achieve system priorities and stimulate economic competitiveness.

3) Align health care funding reform with the fully integrated research hospital business model, which includes a robust and sustainable scientific research capacity and teaching environment as well as complex care.

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