CAHO advocates on behalf of its members and all of Ontario to achieve strategic objectives and provide for best possible care for our patients. The CAHO community has made a concerted effort to highlight the value proposition of Ontario’s health research enterprise—namely, the province’s research hospitals make Ontario healthier, wealthier and smarter. This is illustrated in the infographic below.
Learn more about how Ontario research hospitals are making our province healthier, wealthier and smarter.

Ontario Research Fund (ORF)

As Ontario’s largest independent science fund, the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) is a primary driver of discovery and innovation, and is a bright light for researchers in this province. The ORF is well-structured, untargeted, and investigator-led. It is one of the only funds that supports the indirect costs of research, including scientists’ salaries and the […]... Read more >

Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter: A Health Research Agenda for Patients, People and Prosperity

The health research and innovation generated in Ontario is pivotal in strengthening Ontario’s role as a global health leader. Learn more in our latest White Paper that outlines CAHO’s shared vision for health research in Ontario, which relies on a healthy research ecosystem, sustained by investment, support, and collaboration .... Read more >