Aligned with the Strategic Plan 2010-2015, CAHO has created a new internal governance model that facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to leadership. Our new governance model allows for greater collaboration across our communities of experts within the CAHO hospitals. It is specifically designed to facilitate the identification, assessment, and roll-out of health research evidence and innovations across our member institutions.

CAHO is led by the CAHO Council, comprised of the CEOs from each of the CAHO member hospitals. The Council is supported by two committees – the Research Committee and the Resources Committee. From time to time, CAHO will strike an Ad Hoc Task Force to address a particular issue or area of interest.

CAHO Governance Model and Committee Structure

Line Research Committee Line
Council Line Line Ad Hoc Task Forces
Sub Committees Line Resources Committee Line


  • Sub Committees
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Nominating

Research Committee

Resources Committee

Ad Hoc Task Forces

Struck as needed and report to relevant committee